So I want to be a sassy housewife….

25 Mar

First and foremost, I would like to dispel this new ‘myth’ that housewives are outdated, frumpy, boring, losers or whatever (yes, these are adjectives that have been said to my face.)

I love being a housewife for many reasons. The most important being I love my husband and I want to make our home a fun, comfortable place for him to come home to (which I am working on….) I also get to go to school, work on side projects and in general pursue my own interests. What could be better?
But, I feel like the past year or so I have been slacking. I wear sweats all the time, I’ve been a little negligent in my cleaning and baking… over all, I feel like I’ve been a “bad” housewife, and it’s time to turn that around. This “blog” is for my journey to better wifedom, a happy life and just random fun stuff I want to share with other sassy ladies.

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