I’m up!!!!

7 Apr

I feel like I have been UBER busy lately! Running around, sewing, and taking advantage of the GORGEOUS weather. Easter was lovely, we went to the in-law’s and my mommy-by-law made lasagna! YUM! I made a lemon poppy cake with pudding filling and butter-cream icing… with peeps on top. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture. 😦 It was really nice to see the family, and have all us “kids” in one place.

I made my easter dress from the “anda” pattern available for home download at http://www.burdastyle.com Which is really nifty if you haven’t tried it. You print out all the pieces in little parts, then tape it together and cut it out (alright, that sounded like a little more work that it was. But it was only $3.50 for the pattern). Not to mention, there are a ton of free patterns for download too.


The dress itself is made from 100% linen in “meadow” from http://www.fabric-store.com (one of my favorite online stores!!!) I sewed the innards by machine with cotton thread, but because all the historical costuming has gone to my brain, I flat felled the seems and turned the hems all by hand with cream-colored silk thread. I really like the way it finishes, the flat felled seem is just so much nicer for this project than a French, and the detail of the handwork give the dress a unique quality which you are definitely not going to find at your average clothing store. My next one will have a more daring neckline for C’s sake. 😛

Today, yet again, I have a very busy day. But it’s going to be super fun. Today is the first meeting of the little craft club myself and Melissa are starting. It’s a morning-ish session, so we are doing good girl projects: Dishcloths. 😛 But cute crochet ones. This is a super easy (and cute one):

All it is, to make it, make a chain about as wide as you want you cloth, I like mine rather large, so if I fold to double the thickness, it is still nice and wide. Single crochet in each chain, then do a v-stitch. To start: Chain 3, skip two single crochets then double crochet, chain one, double crochet in one single crochet, skip two single crochets and repeat the v to the end. In the last single crochet, just do one double. Turn and repeat ’till you are at just about a square, single crochet across the top, at the end, chain 10-15 and slip stitch to last single crochet (to make loop). Weave in ends and you are finished. This look really cute on your tea tray, almost like a modern, casual doily, that you can mop up spilled stuff with!

Also for today I am making a sparkling mango, orange iced green tea. To make this you need…

7 green tea bags (or loose leaf tea)
4 cups boiling (or almost boiling) water
Mango Orange juice
Seltzer or other sparkly water (I actually am using raspberry for extra flavors…)
pitcher and wooden spoon

Steep the tea for about 5 minutes, you want it nice and strong. Let it get down to room temp and then put it in the fridge to chill.

After the tea is cold, put it in the pitcher (if you haven’t already), add a good amount of OJ, maybe 3-4 cups. Right before serving, at the seltzer to taste and fiz level. Garnish with orange or lemon slices… or anything else that suites your fancy. (floating raspberry, mango slices…. whatever!)

You can also do this with cheap champagne. YUM!

So that’s what’s going on for today.


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