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Contemplating Muchness

21 Jun

I bought the new Tim Burton revisit to Alice in Wonderland last week. Since purchasing it, I have watched it 3 times, and that was because I was showing restraint. It’s AWESOME. I love that a lot of the story is straight forward, but there is plenty of good symbolism floating around in there. Not to mention it’s just beautiful to watch- the graphics were awesome, and the costumes… GORGEOUS!

Sure, this story is about a young woman finding her strength, but can’t that apply to all of us? The second time I watch this movie was with a very good friend that until recently I hadn’t seen in almost 5 years, she leads a different life than I do, to me, a life much more adventurous. Anyway, there is a part in the movie where the hatter says to Alice: “You used to be much more…’muchier.’ You’ve lost your muchness.”

after the movie she brought up the idea of “muchness” and what that means… To me, she has so much, muchness, but she didn’t think that was entirely so. It was any interesting conversation to say the least and it certainly got me thinking of my own muchness and my own life. Have I lost my muchness? did I used to be muchier? I don’t know for sure but I worry I have and need to find it. What is muchness? And how can I reclaim my muchness? I’ve been thinking about this for days and answers are coming slowly.

I like that the whole story revolves around the question “who are you?” In the beginning, Alice was not hardly Alice but by the end, there she is. Alice. Not necessarily the most original idea, but it was a nice way to see it again. So what about me? Am I not hardly Ashley? When will I know I’m not the wrong Ashley? Hm… Well, at least with all the difficult questions there was a lot of pretty colors. 😛