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It’s almost my anniversary….

3 Jul

….and I’m about 30 pounds heavier. That’s right, I admit it. I’ve gained 30 pounds in the last three years. It’s not pretty and I don’t feel healthy. That has to change. For me, for hubby and for our future children. I was going to start on Monday but my anniversary is in less that an hour, why not start then?

My plan (it’s simple):

Start my day with exercise and a healthy breakfast. I’ve cleared out the sunporch, which also houses a treadmill I should get my big butt on. which is a great place to do some morning yoga. I think I will start with Shiva Rea’s Fluid power and work from there. Maybe find some belly dancing classes.

Eating well. Not dieting per se, since that simply hasn’t been working. I’m going to cut back on the calories, and choose even healthier foods. I’ve been eating pretty well (until tonight’s cupcake binge) but I need to eat less.

No wheat/ gluten. This should be a given because of my sensitivity, but I’ve been ignoring it a paying the price. Also not pretty.

Do more stuff for myself. When I am content and doing something I enjoy I don’t snack as much or eat as much (quantity). I also tend to be moving more and burning those calories.

No birth control. Now, this sounds weird (and a “duh” for other reasons!) but I was on it for a whole month and gained 10 pounds- the 10 that really put me over the edge and could NOT seem to take off. UGH! No artificial stuff like that, thank you very much!

My goal: I’d like to loose 20-25 pounds. I’d LOVE to be my wedding weight again, but it was impossible to maintain for any length of time. That 5 pounds was a big pain, and I stayed comfortable at 136-140 reasonably easy.

So. Hopefully writing that out and putting it into cyber space will strengthen my resolve and this housewife will be better on her way to sassiness (so I can wear some sassy dresses and heals while I clean the house! and have the energy to do it!