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All dressed up.

13 Jan

UGH!!!!!!!! I wrote a whole blog… and it got deleted. I’m terribly bad at this.

Well, what I was up to was planning my birthday! We are having a retro dinner party, and yes, of course, my guests have to dress the part! I haven’t chosen a dress yet, but these are a few that are in the running:

What do we think? These are all found on Etsy, they are real, vintage pieces. How scrumptious are they? I love, love LOVE them! Quinessential 50’s housewife, if I do say so myself! To top it off, this month’s Vogue Knitting magazine is featuring several vintage sweater patterns that I’d love to get on my needles in time for the party. 🙂 I’m planning a 50’s menu and cocktails- I’m not entirely sure what, but I think martinis are in order! Looking for some great music to layer on and well, it goes without saying that I am going to create a fabulous cake! Or at the very least, an impressive tower of cupcakes. 😉

I can’t wait to show off my “new” kitchen and living room for the party either! For Christmas, my wonderful husband painted my kitchen…. LIME GREEN! It actually matches my lime green fiestaware! the whole theme in the kitchen is a sort of bright, retro, fun spot. The living-room also got a pick me up with a paint job, a fabulous new cream wool shag rug, and gorgeous red on cream patterned ottomans (pictures will follow… probably after the party!) It’s fun to get the house in order. I’ve been on a rampage getting rid of the clutter (I only got the new stuff after I did a massive clean out). I’m still working on it but the progress is amazing. I can’t believe the change just from clearing out the stuff we weren’t using!

That’s all my update for now… It’s time to let the computer rest for a few days. 🙂