"I used to be a curtain…."

26 Feb

“But now I’m an apron!”

I really, really love up-cycling and re-purposing, and when you sew, it’s great way to find “new” fabrics for waaaaaaay less than your local fabric store. I love picking up vintage bedsheets, table linens and curtains. The curtain I used for this apron actually came with my house. In fact, my house came with quite a few curtains (which I thought was a little odd– since we bought our house and people usually take all their stuff with them). Anyway, this was in the mudroom, and when I took it down to wash… it never went back up. Instead, I put it in my fabric pile.

Over a year later it has emerged….

Isn’t it pretty??? It was really quick and easy to make, I just cut off the top excess fabric, cut that into three strips which I sewed together to make the waistband and ties, gathered the bottom and attached the waistband. If you are in a hurry or just don’t feel like dealing with a waistband, double fold bias tape or a thick ribbon would work great too and it would probably only take you about 15 minutes to make this apron.

I love the detail on the curtain… the cut out embroidering and the crochet bottom is just GORGEOUS. I left the rest of it plain (not even a pocket!) to let the detail shine.

You can find these fantastic vintage curtains for CHEAP, too. I have another set that I picked up at a junk shop for a dollar… for two.

Now, it’s not the most practical apron, but it’s super cute and can act as a useful “hostess apron.” It’s 100% cotton so it can go in the wash on delicate (don’t want to mess up the embroidery!)

If you want a tutorial for exactly how to make it, leave a comment. Cheers!


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