Wearing my apron to Costa Rica….

27 Feb

Okay, maybe not, but it reminds me of Costa Rica. Today’s apron used left over fabrics from a quilt I made for my in-laws who are moving to Costa Rica– eventually. I used batik died fabrics and quilted Costa Rican motifs on it, it was supposed to be something warm to get them through the cold NY winter while reminding them of tropical climates and sunshine.

I guess I just have summer on the brain, and a thing for getting better at patchwork. The belt of the apron is made from the pattern for the “Early Empire Cinch” from “Handmade Beginnings” by Anna Maria Horner. No, I’m not expecting yet, but I like to be prepare. Beside, there are plenty of items in the book that are great even for the not so pregnant woman, plus gifts for all the babies that ARE in my life right now. Anyway. I’ve been eying the “cinch” and thought it was just so cute, and a great way to work on my patchwork skills- it’s done in just short strips to create the front fabric, then you cut out the pattern from the pieced fabric. It’s WICKED cute. Plus, I didn’t have to worry about the fabric working together since I had already used them in a quilt.

The skirt is a fine, 3.5 oz/ yard linen from my favorite fabric store: http://www.fabric-store.com. It’s soft and flowey, and in the “bleached” it is a nice contrast to tropical jewel tones without being so stark as the “optic white.” The skirt is not attached yet, but is gathered into a little band… My hang up is that I want to actually be able to wear the cinch on it’s own with a shirt or dress…. So for the sake of pictures I just pinned it to the back. I think I may try to add hooks on the skirt part and eyes onto the cinch so that I can take it on and off, but it will still be reasonably secure when it is attached.

Close up on the front patchwork and fabrics… Pretty, right?

The ties are long and make a nice big loop in the back, I like that one side is one fabric and the lining is another- both were used in the main patchwork as was the fabric for the binding… 

So that’s day 5! 
Just a reminder, there are a few days left to subscribe and be entered to win an apron… I haven’t revealed it yet because nothing has been inspiring for the give away just yet, so feel free to also leave ideas or your favorite apron style. 🙂

2 Responses to “Wearing my apron to Costa Rica….”

  1. lizztruck February 27, 2011 at 9:02 am #

    I finished the little apron for my son yesterday. It fits perfectly and looks super sweet. But it has too many ruffles on it and looks too feminine for my boy. I will make him another one with no frills so he can still match my apron when i am done. I will post pics once I fill the roll and get them developed. :)Another learning lesson to me: take the time to fit the appropriate needle especially when using super heavy fabrics. I broke my needle on the machine, but it was a quick fix.

  2. Ash February 27, 2011 at 11:10 am #

    Thats awesome! Yes, using the right needle and thread for the job is important!

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