Sometimes an apron wants to be sexy

28 Feb

In my years of sewing, it has been my experience that you cannot make a thing out of fabric that doesn’t want to become what you are trying to make it. These are the projects that never turn out right, or don’t get finished. You have to listen to what the fabric wants to become, what trimmings it wants to wear and what shape or style it wants to be. The geisha fabric has been in my stash almost a year, I can’t remember what I bought it for, though I want to say apron POCKETS. Whatever it was, wasn’t meant to be… I wanted it to become an apron, it wanted to be lingerie, and this is our compromise. 

 There is a lot going on with the lace and the bold print, so I didn’t want to overwhelm it with pockets… but I really wanted pockets, so I matched them up on the print to blend…. The Asian print definitely inspired the chopstick pocket (part of the larger pocket) which I think is really sort of cute. 

Close up on pocket with chopstick compartment
The lace is more from gramma’s stash, and so is the grosgrain ribbon (which I used on day two’s apron). At first I was only going to put it on the bottom, but then some fell across the top and I liked the idea of using it on the top as well. It definitely puts it more in the realm of lingerie with the lacy top panel, very sexy. For the ties I just sewed the ribbon across the pleated lace, leaving the top of the lace peaking out a bit. I feel it made it a little more casual than wrapping it up all neat. 
Lace, lace, lace….
And that’s really it. Once it was done it really screamed “lingerie” to me. It has that sort of feminine vintage appeal that I love so much. This is not an apron I’ll be able to wear every day, but at least it is washable. I think it would look super cute with jeans and a plain top. I’ll let it take center stage in it’s frilly goodness. 


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