Have I really not posted in a week?

12 Mar

I thought I had more recently!

I suppose it’s been a busy week here. First, I was asked to be a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding in October, no planning had been done yet so we got down to work on that. Then, another friend decided to get married… that week, yesterday, actually! (and had only decided the week before!) not to mention it was their two year old’s birthday and they just had a  little baby girl… so I was busy making gifts! I forgot to take pictures as I was running out of time before the party, but for the 2 year old boy, I did a small quilt of the USA, and for the new baby, a purple themed patchwork play mat. I also, of course, had to make a new skirt for the occasion- a bright pink confection that there will be pictures of.

It was also Ash Wednesday- the beginning of Lent. Now, I’m not technically Catholic, so I didn’t go to church to receive ashes or communion (I can’t receive communion in the catholic church because I never did my “first” communion, though I was baptized in the church). Anyway, I still observe lent, and this is what I am doing. I’m giving up chocolate and alcohol, and also decided to cover when I go out. I know this is something that many people debate about, and though I have not always been the most observant Christian, it’s always been something I liked and felt compelled to do for church. It’s not a stretch for me to do it every day, I have always liked head-coverings for their historical and symbolic value, and being a reenactor, I have a collection started already. I love, love, love snoods. I do, crochet, sewn, knit… I think they are beautiful, and have worn them since I was a teenager. I also love my linen caps, and kerchiefs, so like I said, it’s not a stretch and most of my friends don’t think twice about seeing me in a covering of some sort, though strangers look at me sort of funny, especially when I wear a skirt that shows off the tattoos on my legs! But as a friend once told me, “people are complicated,” there is no need to be just one thing or another. I can be a goodwife and still have tattoos and listen to both metal and classical music. This is the way I am…

So it has been run, run, run, this week. I have a lot of creations that I need to take pictures of too, so hopefully I will get that done. For now, we are off to look at new dishwashers! Yey!!!!


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