Happy Saint Patrick’s day!

17 Mar

I really am Irish. My grandmother boils everything to prove it! (LOL)


For most people this is a just an excuse to get drunk on green beer (a travesty, in my humble opinion- if you are going to drink beer, drink real beer, please). For us… we stay home, eat our traditional dinner and enjoy company. Yes, we’ll have a drink or two in honor of the holiday fun but I’ve only ever been to a bar ONCE on Saint patty’s day, and it was dissapointing. It was a decent Irish pub with a random guy on a guitar and a bunch of very drunk girls. *sigh*


People always bash Irish cooking, but I LOVE it. There is something very yummy, hearty and homey about Irish food and cooking, slow cooked meats in stews, very basic wholesome ingredients… It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it. Yes, there isn’t much seasoning or spice, but that lets the food itself be tasted (and yes, I love cabbage….)

We will be having corned beef tonight. It’s a family favorite and we stretch it (plus, it’s always super cheap around St. Patrick’s day- I got mine for $1.88/ pound when it’s usually $3.99/ pound.) But the corned beef was not an original “Irish” (from Ireland) dish- It started when the Irish came to “America” and the brisket was a cheaper cut of meat available. As many immigrants were, suffice it to say, not wealthy, then as today cheaper wins! So into my crockpot goes a corned beef brisket, and I’ll add my potatoes and cabbage later. I like it in the crock pot because it really gets amazingly tender. I’ll probably break it up with a fork, and serve it as a stew with some (gluten free- not traditional but edible for me- Irish soda bread) to mop up the liquid. Did I mention my mouth is watering???

Normally, we aren’t big dessert people on a regular basis (though I do love sweets) but today also happens to be a good friend’s birthday… SO, I’m also baking a GREEN birthday cake… Also gluten free. 🙂

So everyone, enjoy the day, be responsible and eat well!

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