"I should have been a casserole"

18 Apr

A think and yummy broccoli and cheese soup…

4 cups chicken broth
2 cups Milk
1 cup uncooked rice
two small onions or 1 large
several cloves of garlic
“enough” broccoli (I used two medium crowns)
2-3 cups cheddar/ Cheddar-Monterey-jack mix
dash of cayenne
olive oil
corn starch if needed

In a good sized stock pot, pour in enough olive oil to coat the pan, dice onions and garlic and throw them in. Add about a tablespoon of butter and saute until transparent. Add rice and swish. Add stock and milk, bring to a simmer and season. Cook rice until almost done, add broccoli and cheese, and if not thick enough, add a little corn starch in cold water. Cook the broccoli (or you can steam it ahead of time) and serve.

Thats it. taste and test as you go till it’s just as you want. Easy Peasy. You could also add chicken to this to make a nice hearty meal.


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