Oh forgive me!

5 Sep

I’ve been missing… well, from the blogger world! It’s be CRAZY. Seriously, utterly crazy.

You know that post awhile back about infertility awareness and all the sh*t we’ve been going through to have a baby? Well….. all that trying finally paid off!!!! On July 5th, the day after our 4th wedding anniversary we found out we are pregnant! *CRAZY HAPPY DANCE!!!!!* Well, then, about a week later, I panicked, I started bleeding! Before this, my numbers were all nice and high, doubling every 27 hours (doubling every 48 hours is the goal) so we went in for an ultrasound to see if everything was alright and…. SURPRISE!!!!! TWO babies. Not one, two (twin tend to cause more spotting during the pregnancy because of the double everything implantations.) Since then, it’s been crazy, and not all easy. Of course I was suffering from morning sickness, and we have had some other complications but the babies are strong and growing fast. As of Wednesday the first trimester is over! *Another major happy dance*

I had to quit my nanny job because of some restrictions to keep babies safe, but I’m working on revamping my cloth diaper “business” which is really fun. And I intend to blog more about the diapers, but I thought I should at least send out an update… More to come from me…

Meanwhile, here’s my belly as of yesterday: 12 weeks 4 days.

And the babies at 10 weeks:


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