19 Sep

This is a common problem. Hubby and I are both pack rats. It’s just a fact of life. We’ve been in the possition of not having much money, so we had to keep something “just in case” because if we needed it… there would be no replacing it. Not to say we are “well off” now, but it’s better than it was. Our junk problem however, has not improved.

How do I get rid of this STUFF?

I go through this at least twice per year. Usually in the spring and the fall (I’m sure if we look back there’s something about it in here). But the cleanliness and simplicity never lasts. I fall victim to the rampant consumerism even though I love “going green” and being “frugal.” Somehow… I accumulate stuff. I don’t do a lot of shopping, but a lot comes from hand-me-downs and thrifting… and my crafts. Oops.

As you know… we’re having twins. Their expected arrival is at the end of February, and before that time (actually, before the holidays) I would like to clean out the house so there is a fresh sense of nesting, cleanliness and order before the chaos of two little people join the household.


I don’t know. I’m being introspective about the why and the how of my accumulation, but I can’t get passed it. I need a therapist! Everytime I try to get rid of stuff, there is always this sense of loss, or I find some reason why I NEED it (so and so gave it to me, I love it though it has no purpose, I MIGHT need it someday…)

It doesn’t make me feel like a goodwife to have all this clutter. It feel messy, and bogged down and, well, NEEDY. Not good. This is not how I want my kids’ lives to start either! I love simplicity, warmth and comfort. Now I just need to find a balance between the “stuff” and the desired goals of simplicity. It’s going to be hard… But I think I’m going to start. Each day I am going to work on one space (and NOT move things into other rooms that don’t belong there. nope… not this time).

Do we think it will work? It has to. Now it’s for the babies and not just me, though arguably my mental health is pretty important!



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