Children’s Growth Awareness Day by the Magic Foundation

30 Sep
Today is Children’s growth awareness day. I got this from an e-mail list I subscribe to, and think it’s so important! 
The MAGIC Foundation has declared September 30th as Children’s Growth Awareness Day. We have nicknamed this event, Growth Spurt. This year is our first attempt to unite families throughout the world with the goal of spreading information about the importance of monitoring a child’s growth pattern.
On Sept. 30th, MAGIC families throughout the world will be sending out emails, posting to groups, putting up posters….about children’s growth. It is a monumental effort by just a few (our children’s conditions are rare) but we are hoping that our friends and family help us and keep spreading the word! Together we will change children’s lives!
Why is children’s growth so important?
Children’s growth (how much they grow each year) is a major indicator of their overall health. If they are growing at least 2 inches each year (after the age of 2 and before puberty) it is a strong sign that they are healthy. If they are NOT growing this bare minimum, it can be an early warning sign of underlying health issues such as disease, tumors, hormone imbalances or unidentified
syndromes. Paying attention to those height markers made on walls by parents, and the growth charts at the physicians offices is a routine and often overlooked tool for catching problems in their early stages.
Many people do not realize the importance of this information and consequentially children may struggle for years with an unhealthy body or serious problem developing which can be stopped or treated much sooner if people become aware of the signals his or her body is sending via their growth pattern.
True or False?
Parents who complain that their child is too small, or developing too early are simply trying to make their kids “designer” kids to given them advantages over other children. FALSE! Parents who face these medical problems only want their children to be healthy. It is just a part of life that unlike as an adult, during childhood how fast or slow the kids are growing can be an early warning signal to medical professionals and parents. The MAGIC Foundation parents are not using medical treatments such as growth hormone etc. for cosmetic purposes. For our children, it is a true medical need which is often overshadowed by the sensationalized abuse of this medicine by high profile celebrity and sports figures.
What is The MAGIC Foundation’s Annual Growth Spurt?
This is an online event by which everyone in MAGIC teams up to go online and spread the word about the medical importance of children’s growth. We are mainly parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other supporters who personally know an affected child. We are small in number due to the rare frequency of these medical problems but we are HUGE in heart and effort! We gather online, to reach out to those who may not understand these issues in the hopes of helping those
children who are still lost in the system – and have not been diagnosed.
What good does spreading this information really do?
Efforts like this have literally saved the lives of children. Simple information about children’s growth have helped parents realize that something was wrong, pointed them to online educational resources, and helped them find their way to experts- quickly. Serious problems like brain tumors have been identified with enough time to make a life long change for children.
What is the goal of International Children’s Growth Awareness Day?
We hope that our combined efforts will help educate 100,000 people about children’s growth.
How you can help!
If you think someone can benefit from this message, send them to
Why should you get on board with this challenge?
Because you are probably just like us…hard working people who have busy lives. Alone, we cannot possibly make a noise loud enough for the world to hear…but together we just might! Take 5 minutes and send an email. Ask your friends to pass along this simple yet potentially life saving information. I assure you that somewhere along this information path, a child’s life will be changed!
Thank you. Together we are MAGIC!

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