Two skirts on a Sunday morning.

9 Oct

With my expanding waist comes the shrinking of my wardrobe. It’s sad.

So…. I made myself two new skirts. cost? $0. They were made from fabric and an old skirt that were in my stash already.


This one was made out of just over a yard of wool flannel for the body, and a bit of leftover black cotton interlock for the fold over waist. The front and back panels are essentially the same, but I cut an extra low dip in the front to accommodate my growing belly. I made it to measure a bit wider than my hips so there would be ease in the unstretchy wool, and added a giant pocket on the side front.

This one was an existing skirt that had a fixed waistband and a zipper. Good golly that was NOT going to fit in the near future… I cut it about 8 inches below the original waist, cutting off the zipper and making it wider than my hips. I added the same fold over “yoga” waistband out of another piece of cotton interlock. This one is a bit bigger which is fine.

I figure these will work for pregnancy and after since they are stretchy and not specifically maternity.

If anyone is interested, I’ll make a tutorial later, there is another piece of wool that is calling out to be another skirt.


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