4 am on a Thursday of a rough week

10 Nov

Okay, it’s 4:40, but I’ve been up since well before now.

I’ve made myself pancakes

I’ve checked my favorite blog (www.soulemama.com)

I’ve picked up my knitting. I’m letting myself have this time- quite time before dawn just for myself. I think I need it. It’s been a rough week… I had 6 doctors’ visits in 3 days with no naps, and woke up at 2:30 this morning. The boys just didn’t want me to sleep but I’m trying not to complain. It was even nice just to lay in bed in the dark counting their kicks (46 in half an hour and then I lost track). They are very busy in there, even now they are still popping around.

I’m thankful for these times, even if I am crabby. Thankful to have the time for myself and the comforts of creation- knitting and growing humans. And tea. I’m very thankful for tea.

Cowl in progress for my mother in law knit from Kolage Solace- alpaca and silk- in the broccoli pattern.Yummy! 

My ducky PJ pants. 🙂 

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