7 more things I am thankful for

19 Nov

I was “slacking” I didn’t blog my thanks like I meant to, though it doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking it.

1. I’m thankful for my mother, who gave birth to me and is REALLY excited about being a Grandmother!

2. I’m thankful for the generosity of others- last weekend so many friends and family turned out for my family baby shower and REALLY showered us with gifts! I was thankful to be able to see these people whom I rarely get to visit with, and thankful that they love my sons already too!

3. I’m thankful for our truck, which got us upstate and back safely

4. I’m thankful for modern technology, which was able to assure us all that our babies are doing just fine and my heart is okay too, especially after last week’s scare.

5. I’m thankful for yummy food. My mom cooked for us all last weekend and it was fantastic

6. I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made online. They are truly fantastic women who keep me motivated, and provide support even though we’ve never met!

7. I’m thankful for the hard work of my husband. I know I’ve said something like this before, but as I type, he is building the hearth for our woodstove so I can be cozy and warm. He’s been working around the house non-stop all day. I love him so.

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