More things to be thankful for

22 Nov

Yesterday morning, I was terrified that I would be delivering my babies more than 3 months early. I was having painful, regular contractions and went to the hospital at 4 AM.

I’ve already said I’m thankful for modern technology, but I’ll say it again. I’m VERY thankful for modern technology to monitor what was going one. (I plan on having a natural birth at term, but this early I am all about the medical intervention!) I’ll cut the story short (which included two hospitals, several doctors, ultrasounds, monitoring and more). We’re all fine, and I’m CRAZY thankful for that, and I’m thankful I will not be delivering this week. The babies are measuring two weeks ahead so that’s good. One of the biggest problems with twins is low birth weight, if they keep this up, they will be in good shape. 🙂

I’m thankful for my husband’s boss who got a 5am phone call explaining that we were in the hospital and hubby would be late to work. “no problem” the guy says. And it really wasn’t.

I’m thankful for comfort foods and nice people- after more than 12 hours of our ordeal yesterday, we got dinner at this place call Mix and Mac. They have gluten free mac and cheese. And it’s amazing. After a long day, I didn’t feel like cooking. It was so nice to get a yummy, comforting dinner and the people who own the place are just fantastic. If there hadn’t been a counter in the way, I totally would have been hugging the owner. SO sweet. This is their facebook page: tell them the pregnant gluten free girl sent you. 😛

Again and always… I’m super thankful for my hubby who makes everything better. I love him.

Thanksgiving is in two days…. What are you thankful for?

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