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my 25 days of crafting…

6 Dec

…are not going as planned.

Pregnancy is making me slow. Really slow. *sigh* I have a number of gifts done but it’s not the 1 per day I really should be accomplishing. Oy. Part of the problem? I just want to knit baby things. It’s true. This is what I did with my weekend:

 This is the beyond puerperium pattern available from Ravelry. It’s not finished- it needs buttons obviously- but I am totally and completely in love with this pattern and the yarn. The pattern was awesome to work with, super easy and it looks fantastic. The yarn is Plymouth superwash merino in a kettle dyed scrumptiousness. It’s knit in the 3-6 month size at the suggestion of my favorite LYS proprietor to get the most use out of it (and the projected size of my babies… yeah, probably a good idea.)

 This sweater… I’m less tickled by. I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet, It’s cute and soft but… Hm. Its a funny shape. 😛 This is crochet from the Carle Baby Cardigan on Ravelry using more Plymouth superwash merino (really… I’m in love with this yarn for these baby sweaters. It’s soft, smooth and machine washable. amazing.) It was super-duper quick to work up (an afternoon and an evening) and used so little yarn from each skein I can hardly complain. I think it’s growing on me though… It will make a good little jacket for spring. 🙂

You can follow my projects on Ravelry: 
So far, it’s just a few things, but I’ve made a vow to keep it updated and going. 🙂 Feel free to friend me too! I love friends. 🙂 
As for the Elving…. Well, I’m making progress! 
Looks like the girls are going to get some spa kits consisting of handmade sugar scrubs, lotion and lip balm in a little bag. I have the goodies made, just have to make the bags! 
Sugar scrubs- top: Sweetpea and jasmine sugar scrub with olive oil and vitamin e. Bottom: Brown sugar, honey-vanilla scrub with vitamin e and olive oil. 
The recipe? 
Plain scrub:
Olive oil
vitamin e
Essential oil (for fragrance)
Add enough olive oil to sugar to make a paste. Squirt in some vitamin e and essential oil to smell how you like. Mix. Put in cute jars. 
The End. 🙂