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In the beginning….

27 May

In the beginning… I had a VERY amature blog over at Honestly, it could have been worse, but I am on a journey to betterment. A journey to become a “Goodwife” and “Goodmama” 🙂

Oh yes, just like in The Crucible, I am out to be “Goody Brower” (teehee).

Anyway. This is my blog, my journey. ‘Twill be full of thoughts and ramblings and hopefully some inspiration, tutorials, recipes and other goodies for those who dare follow.

Why a Goodwife and Goodmama? Why are those my signifiers?  My family is the most important thing in the world to me, my husband (my highschool sweetheart) and my twin boys are truly my life. This is the life I’ve chosen and I believe in making them my priority. I do not work “outside” the home- this is my job, to be Wife and Mama and I had better be good at it! I’m old fashioned- I believe very strongly in the idea that this is my job, and it’s an important one, that I should be the one raising and teaching my children. I’m probably starting out on a controversial note, but hey, this is what I believe.  We are a silly, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, baby wearing (to the best of our ability!) and cloth diapering family- my husband calls it common sense parenting and I like it.

So that’s the basics. No big mission statement, plain and simple, I want to be the best at my job. 🙂




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27 May

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