Thrifting adventures

16 Jun

I went shopping.

By myself.

For the first time in 4 months.


First… I cried for awhile before I could leave the house. And I almost didn’t leave. I can’t believe how hard it was… but I needed to get out. There were a few things I wanted to do and it’s easier/ faster without the twinnies in tow, not to mention just easier on them not to be dragging them in and out of the car. I was also going “thrifting” so I didn’t want to stress them out while I went digging in second hand stuff housing God only knows what sort of germs. ew.

So off I went treasure hunting, and boy did I find treasures! I have a list of things that I look for at yard sales and thrifting. Some things on my list include:

Wicker baskets
Wool sweaters
plain T-shirts
Wool yarn
Good books
Wooden baby/ kids toys
quilts in all sizes
Funky crochet afghans

Some specialty things I’ve been looking for…

Kid size rocking chairs
Small table and chairs
Wooden bowls and spoons
Wooden high chair
Salad spinner
Baby Bjorn potty (I know, I know… but that’s why there is bleach.)
Cloth diapers in good condition

Well, this trip I found some lovelies including not one, but TWO little wooden rockers for a total of $50.  yey! Several baskets including a sturdy wicker laundry basket, 7 wool sweaters including 2 cashmere lovelies for under $10, the baby bjorn potty,  a Melissa and Doug blocks set with wagon and what may be my favorite treasure; a little wooden table and two chairs with a chalkboard top for…. $15. EEK! I’m so happy… Here are some pictures of my treasures.

My two little chairs, the basket on the seat of the left was thrifted this trip, the Melissa and Doug wagon is next to it and the blocks are in the canvas tote (I didn’t want to deal with them ON the wagon. there are a lot!)

My little tiny table and chairs. They are so tiny!

The rocking chairs I plan to keep natural wood, but think I’ll give them a good sanding and finishing. The table and chairs… I’m not sure. I love the chalkboard top, and I think I like how well loved the pieces are, but then again, would look seriously cute with a fresh coat of paint… Hm…

I’ll save the pictures of the potty when the boys start really “training” lol! But it is in GREAT condition (looks new) and is bright red. I’m sort of excited about it. All the sweaters have gone through the wash to felt up for butt sweaters and slippers. Yey.

Ah, it was a good trip, but I did miss my littles while I was gone (two hours!!! eek) and I was happy to get home with my treasures, nest a bit and cuddle with those lovely boys…

What do y’all look for when you are out thrifting? anything I should add to my own list?


2 Responses to “Thrifting adventures”

  1. Karen @ Folk Haven June 16, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    Wow! Those are some great score… and all in 2 hours?! Congratulations! 🙂

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