Messy Mondays continue!

18 Jun

Each Monday I’m going to post a picture of a room in my home just as it is on Monday morning- no straightening, no organizing, no setting for the camera. It is just how it is. If you want to play along link to your blog/ page so we can all see. 

Oh my is it a very messy Monday…

First, last week’s messy room today:

And today, I give you the kitchen. *shudder*

Ah… my ever in use kitchen.

Love the counter. I’ve got the slow cooker rocking some perpetual soup, my new yogurt maker and jars, coffee pot and french press (because a mama can’t have enough coffee some mornings…).

Now.. a lovely lady shared her kitchen too for messy Monday so go visit the Woodworking Momma!

She also made a linky for us! lets see if it works for me (I don’t work well with technology…)


Thanks for stopping by! If you want to make me feel better by sharing your Monday morning messes leave a link in the comments. Please, no picture perfect magazine spreads! :P


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