Messy week!

27 Jun

I missed messy Monday. I’ll post it later, but for now… suffice it to say it’s been a messy week. The weekend was lovely but Monday hit us with a bang. The boys are teething and horribly gassy… the poor boys. So most of the day was spent rocking, burping, nursing, pumping legs and changing diapers. They refused regular naps. Yesterday at 1am, I woke up with the worst headache. By 5am with two screaming babies I called hubby crying for him to come home. Poor guy. So yesterday was spent trying to rest and feel better. No idea what was wrong with me, the boys are STILL gassy and teething (give me strength…) but are much better today and at least napping for a little while. We even got outside for a walk with friends and to hang the diapers. yey! Now I get to try and bust out a quick post and back to sewing. I’m working on a mei tai based on THIS tutorial so I can try some tandem wearing. Thing 2 likes riding on my back in the ergo (which is actually hubby’s) so hopefully the mei tais will work. I’m expecting another as part of a trade for diapers so then I can wear them both. I am expecting it to be an excellent work out…

Like I said… we had a lovely weekend. Me and the boys got to relax and supervise hubby setting up the garden FINALLY. I was afraid with all the baby crazy we wouldn’t get one in this year, so I was super happy when we went to Pierson’s Farm to pick up a roaster that hubby suggested a walk through the green houses…. They really set us up and I am so excited! The tomatoes and peppers look beautiful! (photos to follow of that- I just haven’t managed to snap any of the garden all in!)

Mama and babies in the yard

Also lots of laundry. Isn’t fluffy laundry just lovely on the line? Call me crazy… but I’ve even been known to sniff the diapers coming off the line! lol

Fluffy line

I love the random pops of color and different diapers that make their way on the line. 🙂 How fun are the tie-dyed flats?

Ah… the wood pile… a reminder of the many projects to accomplish SOON. We want to let the wood season before winter. This will *hopefully* be our fuel this winter. You can also see in the left corner my awesome stone fireplace and all the brush that needs-a-burning. Oh so much to do…

That’s all I have prepared for you for now. Coming soon, a trip to the larder inspired by Umble Wife over at Umble Piety. I have big plans for our pantry and root cellar to keep us fed all winter- including canning, fermenting and sticking veggies in sand. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


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