Messy… Tuesdays

3 Jul

Admittedly I’ve just been a plain ole hot mess the past week and a little bit. Here’s last week’s photo… I haven’t been able to snap this week’s yet as a boy always seems to be napping in that room when I have the chance- or my camera is hiding. *sigh* So…

My bedroom. Huge mess….

Ah… the bedroom, the serene get-away for mommies and daddies at the end of a long day… HA!

It’s a wreck. And it doesn’t look much different this week except for the fact that I changed some furniture. I would post a pic but… Well, I just couldn’t seem to time it right to get in there with my camera! *sigh* Oh yes, nap time was interfering. Oh well..

The good news is you get to see a good picture of my command center bed, as we call it. We took co sleeping to a whole new level with the twins by side car-ing not one, but two cribs. One for each of us. We used THIS tutorial from Peaceful Parenting to do it. I have to say… I really love it, even if we do need to climb in from the foot of the bed. We never intended to co sleep. In fact, I was dead set against it. I was terrified that I was going to roll over or somehow hurt my babies. But, as sleepless nights dragged on, and the boys would end up in bed, hubby came to me with some research about bed sharing and we decided that we wanted to do it safely. When they were small, they slept between us. Even hubby was hyper aware of their presence. We kept pillows and blankets away and constantly checked on them, but my twins grew fast. So we needed another solution. We tried briefly to put them in their own room. That lasted about 4 minutes. This is what we found and BOY is it a dream… Yes, yes we do sleep through the night. I will write more on the subject later. For now, do your research, follow your instincts and be safe.

And please no hate mail, and don’t call CPS on me- Trouble #1 was chillin’ in the pillows just for the sake of the photo. He was a cranky pants and likes being propped up. We don’t leave them alone like that EVER, and no pillows near babies sleeping.

I hope to resume my regular messy Mondays next week. My mom is visiting to help me with the house and getting some canning done so hopefully we will see some progress… 🙂


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