Sunday Thanks

15 Jul

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.
-Psalm 135:1

Every Sunday lets give a little extra thanks to God for our gifts.


I’m thankful for my generous mother who came to stay with me for a whole week to help and visit her grandsons. We got so much accomplished. We put up jam, did some shopping and she got lots of snuggles with her grandsons. I love you, Mommy! 


On a side note… She also brought me two special rocking chairs which belonged to my grandmother. One, an old fashioned rocker, is now in my bed room. The glider, which my mom is sitting in for this picture, is stationed in my living-room, like it was in my grandparents’ house. I remember my grandmother teaching me to knit from this chair and cuddling us littles. It has been sitting in the attic since she passed, and I feel very blessed that it is rocking again. I love that my mom has rocked my sons to sleep in this chair, just as her mother rocked us. I plan to move my knitting basket near the chair, and spend many nights rocking my babies and lovingly knitting them sweaters, hats and mittens. I like to think my grandmother (and grandfather) are looking down on my little family with pride and love. Who knew a chair could be so important. 

Count your blessings this Sunday and every day. ❤

Hope everyone has a beautiful day, come back tomorrow as messy Mondays get back on track. 🙂


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