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Free bedding. An almost toddler nursery overhaul.

28 Dec

My boys are 10 1/2 months old. Really, shouldn’t they still be babies? Well, they are not. *sigh* They have also never liked their cribs without being attached to the big bed. Understandable I suspect, and after 4 months of them “sleeping” in their cribs in their room, it’s time to try something else.


I have a basket with some books and toys next to each mattress, so when they wake up they have something to do


Here comes pumpkin was mine. ­čśë They also really enjoy these simple board books with just a photo and word.


The chair is over there temporarily so I can have a heater going, we will be installing a wall-mounted unit this weekend


Thing 2 is enjoying his cot, reading in bed. I snagged these amazing handmade jute rugs for their bed-side for $15 each! Score!


Robert has a “scootching” problem, so we are trying him out on the twin, so far it’s working beautifully.

IMG_2415 - Copy

There are some toys and books on the bottom shelves of the cube unit. The boys also enjoy “flopping” on giant throw pillows. These are huge down ones I scored on Clearance at TJ Max. I love the bold black and white stripes. They don’t really match, but who cares?


The big point here is to create not only a baby “proof” room, but a baby friendly room. When they wake up in the morning (or after a nap) they are free to move around and play. This has meant no sobbing to be released. This morning I was laying in bed nursing Thing 1 (he came to my bed early in the morning with gas. poor boy) when I heard Thing 2 stir. He rolled out of bed and started playing until I went to get him when I was finished nursing. Did I mention this was at 8am? *swoon* I’m adding some ocean sounds today to help drown out some outside noise- it’s really loud on Robert’s side of the room. Hopefully that will help his night waking a bit too.



Sunday Thanks, Elving and celebrating the solstice

9 Dec

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.
-Psalm 135:1

Every Sunday lets give a little extra thanks to God for our gifts.


Back around to Sunday again!

I’m feeling so abundantly blessed this week! I’m so very thankful for my friends and family. This week we received a deer- my friend harvested it, and my mom paid for it to be processed so that we would have a stock of healthy, delicious meat in our freezer for the winter. I feel so taken care of. Today we are also having a “Thanksgiving” dinner with our very good friends and their families. We are deep frying a turkey! (I know, oh so very healthy, but I’ve never had it before) and to top it off, they are all so kind as to try and make gluten free goodies for this Celiac girl. How sweet and thoughtful is that?


This week…

Is going to be busy. We are in the last few weeks before Christmas and there is a great deal of elving to be done! It’s been a lovely blur of activities and hand-made goodness. I finished a few gifts, but I can’t tell you who they are for in case they happen to read my blog… ­čśë

We also need to figure out how we want to celebrate the solstice- the mark of winter, the longest night. Yes, we are a Christian family, but I believe the seasons are such an important thing to celebrate and children are so deeply tied to the rhythmic change of mother nature that I want to make the Solstice part of our holiday celebration. Any ideas would be welcome!


Well I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday and beautiful week!


momma’s time

5 Dec

It is 11:04
I should be in my bed. Sleeping. Right now I am pinned under a 22 pound hulk who refuses to let me go. This is momma’s time. Where only momma cuddles will do and a little one wont suffer to be put down (I tried). Its ok. I wouldnt trade my baby cuddles for all the sleep I could handle. I cherish these nights, the warm weight of my baby boy and the way the rest of the house is still… i wouldn’t mind sleeping in a bit. Hear that,baby boy?


4 Dec


Trucks hauling favorite quilts

pillows to jump in

Play stands and bead mazes

Bits of string and lace

wooden spoons



blocks, trucks, containers and lids

colorful crochet 

Play at our house.

Sunday Thanks

2 Dec

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.
-Psalm 135:1

Every Sunday lets give a little extra thanks to God for our gifts.


It’s been too long since I’ve posted. I’m sorry. Did anyone miss me? ha. Probably not, since I don’t have much for readership, but I missed it. Anyway. Just because I haven’t posted doesn’t mean I haven’t been giving thanks. Oh boy, have I. I have been feeling very blessed even among the sleepless nights my amazing twin boys have gifted me with (along with lots of cuddles…)

Today… I’m thankful pedialyte tastes so good. For the past three weeks now, the boys have been battling some sort of cold which culminated into one of the babes vomiting from all the mucus. It was scary. Turns out it morphed into a nasty sinus infection and one boy had an ear infection. ­čśŽ Poor little men. They were prescribed antibiotics, and while I’m so thankful that we have the technology… I’m not thankful for the side effects, and all the diaper rinsing that ensues. C’est la Vie. So, for the first time they have been getting pedialyte once or twice a day (depending on how bad it is…) to keep their hydration up (along with the magical boobie juice, though we did have to limit it at first because it was making mucus worse. horrible.) So I’m thankful it tastes good and we stayed out of the hospital.

I’m also thankful for the local yarn shop and $25 off. Just saying. Mama needs her outlet too, right?

“hey momma, just helping…”