Free bedding. An almost toddler nursery overhaul.

28 Dec

My boys are 10 1/2 months old. Really, shouldn’t they still be babies? Well, they are not. *sigh* They have also never liked their cribs without being attached to the big bed. Understandable I suspect, and after 4 months of them “sleeping” in their cribs in their room, it’s time to try something else.


I have a basket with some books and toys next to each mattress, so when they wake up they have something to do


Here comes pumpkin was mine. 😉 They also really enjoy these simple board books with just a photo and word.


The chair is over there temporarily so I can have a heater going, we will be installing a wall-mounted unit this weekend


Thing 2 is enjoying his cot, reading in bed. I snagged these amazing handmade jute rugs for their bed-side for $15 each! Score!


Robert has a “scootching” problem, so we are trying him out on the twin, so far it’s working beautifully.

IMG_2415 - Copy

There are some toys and books on the bottom shelves of the cube unit. The boys also enjoy “flopping” on giant throw pillows. These are huge down ones I scored on Clearance at TJ Max. I love the bold black and white stripes. They don’t really match, but who cares?


The big point here is to create not only a baby “proof” room, but a baby friendly room. When they wake up in the morning (or after a nap) they are free to move around and play. This has meant no sobbing to be released. This morning I was laying in bed nursing Thing 1 (he came to my bed early in the morning with gas. poor boy) when I heard Thing 2 stir. He rolled out of bed and started playing until I went to get him when I was finished nursing. Did I mention this was at 8am? *swoon* I’m adding some ocean sounds today to help drown out some outside noise- it’s really loud on Robert’s side of the room. Hopefully that will help his night waking a bit too.


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