Messy Monday… what the heck happened?

18 Mar

How does this happen? I organized… I cleaned. I had proof. This post, it proves it, you saw it. It WAS clean…. 

And after only an hour and a half of being awake… This is what my messy Monday looks like: 



*le sigh*

In terms of the 14 week challenge, the living room is actually THIS week, so I’m a little ahead. It won’t take long for this to get put back together, at least. So for my personal challenge I think I’m going to tackle the sun porch/ “gym” area. The goal is a place for the boys to expend some energy, a place for me to work out and a little sitting/ gaming area for the big people. A tall order, I think which may take more than 1 week. I need to find a table for out there, (I’m thinking a round dining table) and clear out a lot of clutter. I also need an organizing solution for our reenacting gear and work out equipment. I want to have the baby cage around the treadmill, and let the boys roam free in that room. We shall see…. So, here you have it. The sun porch as it is…. 



Boy do I have my work cut out for me, huh? 


Oh! And if you would like to share your messy mondays with us, post your link in the comments! 🙂 I don’t know how to make a button for you to grab but we can be old fashioned and post links. 

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