The guy at GNC says I need more sleep.

24 Apr

No kidding. 

But. I’ve realized. It’s all worth it. 

Yes. Yes it is. 


“They” (the magical they, whom everyone always quotes…) say start small, baby steps for changes. I say. Forget it and if the mood strikes you, go for drastic so you can see the results, feel the ache and know you are on your way. 

This blog is all about becoming the best wife and mother I can be. Sometimes… you just need an overhaul. I don’t know how it started. I’m clearing the clutter hard-core now. I’ve started training for a 5K and I’m on a mission to be a better mom and utilizing all available tools. So I’ve hauled out a good 20 bags of “stuff” that was donated, with still more to go, I started the couch to 5K plan, adding in a squat challenge (day 10- 105 squats) plus yoga and boxing to keep me interested and walking twice a week with a friend and our kids. I’m playing with the Crummy to Yummy free 10 day course (day 3) to help me find more mama yumminess and practicing being a more yummy momma and present momma. This has all been going on the past 2 weeks or so. In addition… I started myself on a 30 no spending challenge, inspired by this post at (a blog I love to stalk….) 

I’m tired. I’m tired physically and emotionally, and there is nothing GNC guy can give me. But it’s all a good tired. A tired from a momma who spends nights cuddling babies and spends days creating a comfortable home and becoming a healthier, more fulfilled person.

And maybe… Just maybe… Hubs will get up with the twins one day this weekend so momma can sleep in. 🙂 

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