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SouleMama and inspiration

31 May

Late last night, while a certain little boy would not go easily to sleep and instead wanted to dose and nurse in momma’s arms… This momma was browsing the internet for inspiration. I went to my usual blogs and exhausted facebook. It’s no secret I have a domestic squish on Amanda Blake Soule of I do, I have a total squish. I love the blog, I think her and her family are just lovely, I love the values, the ideas and just the beauty that she shares (and the popcorn… nom.) Anyway. I thought to myself, “hey self, why don’t you google ‘blogs like SouleMama” and see if any lists pop up” Good idea, self! Or not. I was shocked and appalled at the negativity. The first page of search results were essentially bashing my squish. Some where veiled in “oh, I’m just jealous I can never be so perfect” and then go on to bashing. Some were outright “I hate her,” Some called her a liar for showing off the “perfection” and on and on and on. It was really depressing. 

First. I don’t know the Soule Mama personally. I’ve only been stalking her blog (for about 3 years now) I’ve never met her or even spoken directly to her, BUT just about every day I’m inspired by her. I discovered her and her family after picking up “Handmade Home” at home depot the first week we moved into our house. I was hooked. I actually read that book cover to cover and have done many of the projects. 

When I need some inspiration, I go to her blog and look through the archives. There is always a project or something pretty that gives me motivation to bust out the knitting needles or the fabric stash. 

When I want something “new” I look at her beautiful home full of well loved and worn things and do a little mending and rearranging of the things I have. 

It’s not a place where I go and think, “oh she’s so perfect, why can’t I be like that?” It’s a place I go and think, “they have made this work, so can I.” 

So I was a little sickened at the pettiness I saw. The “oh I did all that before it was coo” or “I had to sacrifice to have that” BS that I saw on blogs that I clicked on hoping to find inspiration. Amanda says right on the blog that it’s only a snap shot, that she’s sharing the beauty and I love her for that. There is enough negativity, don’t you think? There are plenty of other venues for that “solidarity” in the toddler tantrum too, why should she fall in line with that? I like that her blog is a little piece of serenity, a mostly positive place. Why is that so hard for people to swallow? 


So there. I really didn’t need to write a whole post about this… but I was hurt. I don’t know if the Soule Mama knows or cares about those other posts, but I did. It’s probably silly, but it is what it is and now I’m done with it. I just thought I should put it out there that I love her blog and love following her family’s adventures and appreciate the time and energy she puts into everything she does and shares. It can’t be easy. So, even with all the negativity, I hope this shows that there are plenty of people who love and appreciate 

Thanks for reading! 🙂 


Dressed to impress a toddler or two.

30 May

The second postpartum summer is here, and it seems I have not really lost any more weight and my wardrobe has shrunk. Hm. I took a good long look and got rid of tons of stuff. Clothes that didn’t fit, or I didn’t like, and stuff that I just felt wasn’t appropriate anymore. Yes. I’m a mom now, and though I didn’t know it would happen, I did get a bit older too. So… the skimpy sundresses went bu-bye…. things too form fitting (other than yoga-wear) also saw the donation bin. It’s not that I think it’s wrong to wear these things, but, they are also just not practical. Sure, that top may be good for nursing, but it also makes it that much easier for the toddler to just pull out my boob in public (which is fine for eating, but my boys don’t always do it so discreetly so I’ve been favoring the flowy tops that act like nursing covers. 

That said… I purged my wardrobe and realized I have all of 2 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, and 3 skirts (and of course the obligatory nursing tanks which are not apropo all on their own- can we say boobage? :P) Buying tops has been nearly impossible so I must make them. Amanda, the Soule Mama, recently did a post for the Esme top.  I love her style, and the top looks adorable, comfy and easy to wear so I finally went ahead and bought the pattern. I have love the blog Sew Liberated for some time, I own her book Growing up Sew Liberated (and LOVE LOVE LOVE it….) so I have little doubt I’m going to love this pattern. It’s old school- it’s a paper pattern I’m getting in the mail, so I’m having to practice patience. In the mean time… I need to find some more patterns. I’m thinking a peasant top, and making some short bloomers for around the house from the colette pattern (Mini Bloomers, free download!) 

All in all, I want to be cute. I want to be comfortable. The days of trying too hard to impress are gone. Don’t get my wrong. I still want to look nice for my husband (But… I have sassy nighties for that, right? ;)) Now, the most important thing is being comfy and ready to play with the twin tornadoes. So easy to wear, easy to wash and clothes that I’m not going to “fall out” of…. that’s the must. 


Any other ideas for a simple, cute, comfy wardrobe? 

Letting go.

29 May

There is going to be a lot about purging and organizing in the coming weeks. It’s been liberating, but emotional.

But I’m letting go.

Letting go of all this STUFF.

Well, I’m trying… It’s really. REALLY hard.

What if I need it?

And what about the stuff that I love/ want but really… it’s just sitting there? (*ahem… my fabric stash that I have whittled down a LOT but really… am I EVER going to get to those projects?)

Those are the hard things. Letting go of the things that I wish I had time for. The hope and prayer that I might find a moment to do this craft or that craft….

My guitar? Ha. I re-strung it 3 months ago after not playing for 4 years and haven’t touched it since. I say that “oh, it will be good for the boys…” Who am I kidding? But it represents a part of myself. A younger, care free part of me I’m reluctant to let go (and really, it would be AWESOME to play with the boys…. but come on now).

So. I need to let go….

Is anyone else struggling to let go?


25 May

I tried to give it up… I did give it up. But I fell off the wagon. On mornings like this it’s easy to see how… It was 4am when a certain child of mind decided he was awake for the day. It rained, but the birdies are chirping, the windows are open, the booger head is sitting in my lap nursing and giggling trying to press keys on my laptop with his toes… and I’ve got a warm mug of coffee with cream. yum. 🙂



25 May


Though the evidence suggests otherwise, he DID get some in his mouth….

Back on the wagon, more organizing challenges, cleaning up and out.

23 May

Phew. I need to stop falling off the blog wagon. I enjoy it, and I need to make more time for it.

I’m doing more organizing. Well. Really, first I’ve been doing some MASSIVE purging. I just couldn’t take it anymore. So far about 50 bags of “stuff” has left my house via the Vets through (so they literally just come pick it all up out of my driveway. SCORE) several boxes of books went to the library, some stuff went to the kid’s consignment shop and some has been sold privately. Mostly just donated- it’s easier than dealing with people.

In any case. It’s going or gone, but I’m sure there is more to go. It’s a process, I can tell you. It’s also just a JOURNEY. To just start letting go of all this stuff- stuff I kept just in case, because someone gave it to me or for whatever other excuse and just let it go has been very liberating, very lightening. I’ve been following a few blogs on “simplicity” and “minimalism” and while I have no plans to become a true minimalist (I really love the ridiculous and unnecessary sometimes!) I like the idea behind it and would like to live closer to minimalism on the spectrum than “Hoarders.”

Now that a lot has been cleared out, it needs to be “organized.” Right now I’m following the mini organizing challenges on A Bowl Full of Lemons. Last week was the utensil drawer. Now, I don’t have one of those, so I’ll show you what I did instead.


Forgive the lighting, it was 6am. But this is just a box thing from the organizing section of Lowes, in it are a few pint size mason jars holding my different utensils. One jar for the kids’ stuff, spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks and straws. This is a little partial divider wall between the kitchen and dining room so it’s really accessible from either space which is great as the kitchen is gated off. I also find this is very easy for entertaining, if I need spoons for dessert I just grab the jar of spoons and put it on the table, or plop this whole thing down at the beginning of the buffet. 🙂

This week…. the purse.



My discount cards, membership cards, library card, etc on a ring, my $3 Asian market wallet, and my cash envelopes. This system will be getting an upgrade shortly….


2 cloth diapers, under here is a wet bag and wipes. 🙂


This is in that front flap pocket

There is also lip balm in the front flap pocket (Burt’s Bees. :)) and my cell phone goes in the zipper pouch. I usually have a hand sanitizer that clips to one of the rings for easy access, my keys clip to the other side. My sun glasses  go on top of my head. I love this bag, it’s a great size and the style is perfect for baby wearing, so I can reach whatever I need, and the organized compartments make it so I don’t even need to look when I go reaching for stuff if I know what pocket it’s in.

So that’s that! I’m looking forward to more mini challenges and starting another 14 week whole house challenge. I am also looking forward to making my way back here just a little more often…

Have a great day!