Back on the wagon, more organizing challenges, cleaning up and out.

23 May

Phew. I need to stop falling off the blog wagon. I enjoy it, and I need to make more time for it.

I’m doing more organizing. Well. Really, first I’ve been doing some MASSIVE purging. I just couldn’t take it anymore. So far about 50 bags of “stuff” has left my house via the Vets through (so they literally just come pick it all up out of my driveway. SCORE) several boxes of books went to the library, some stuff went to the kid’s consignment shop and some has been sold privately. Mostly just donated- it’s easier than dealing with people.

In any case. It’s going or gone, but I’m sure there is more to go. It’s a process, I can tell you. It’s also just a JOURNEY. To just start letting go of all this stuff- stuff I kept just in case, because someone gave it to me or for whatever other excuse and just let it go has been very liberating, very lightening. I’ve been following a few blogs on “simplicity” and “minimalism” and while I have no plans to become a true minimalist (I really love the ridiculous and unnecessary sometimes!) I like the idea behind it and would like to live closer to minimalism on the spectrum than “Hoarders.”

Now that a lot has been cleared out, it needs to be “organized.” Right now I’m following the mini organizing challenges on A Bowl Full of Lemons. Last week was the utensil drawer. Now, I don’t have one of those, so I’ll show you what I did instead.


Forgive the lighting, it was 6am. But this is just a box thing from the organizing section of Lowes, in it are a few pint size mason jars holding my different utensils. One jar for the kids’ stuff, spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks and straws. This is a little partial divider wall between the kitchen and dining room so it’s really accessible from either space which is great as the kitchen is gated off. I also find this is very easy for entertaining, if I need spoons for dessert I just grab the jar of spoons and put it on the table, or plop this whole thing down at the beginning of the buffet. 🙂

This week…. the purse.



My discount cards, membership cards, library card, etc on a ring, my $3 Asian market wallet, and my cash envelopes. This system will be getting an upgrade shortly….


2 cloth diapers, under here is a wet bag and wipes. 🙂


This is in that front flap pocket

There is also lip balm in the front flap pocket (Burt’s Bees. :)) and my cell phone goes in the zipper pouch. I usually have a hand sanitizer that clips to one of the rings for easy access, my keys clip to the other side. My sun glasses  go on top of my head. I love this bag, it’s a great size and the style is perfect for baby wearing, so I can reach whatever I need, and the organized compartments make it so I don’t even need to look when I go reaching for stuff if I know what pocket it’s in.

So that’s that! I’m looking forward to more mini challenges and starting another 14 week whole house challenge. I am also looking forward to making my way back here just a little more often…

Have a great day!


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