Letting go.

29 May

There is going to be a lot about purging and organizing in the coming weeks. It’s been liberating, but emotional.

But I’m letting go.

Letting go of all this STUFF.

Well, I’m trying… It’s really. REALLY hard.

What if I need it?

And what about the stuff that I love/ want but really… it’s just sitting there? (*ahem… my fabric stash that I have whittled down a LOT but really… am I EVER going to get to those projects?)

Those are the hard things. Letting go of the things that I wish I had time for. The hope and prayer that I might find a moment to do this craft or that craft….

My guitar? Ha. I re-strung it 3 months ago after not playing for 4 years and haven’t touched it since. I say that “oh, it will be good for the boys…” Who am I kidding? But it represents a part of myself. A younger, care free part of me I’m reluctant to let go (and really, it would be AWESOME to play with the boys…. but come on now).

So. I need to let go….

Is anyone else struggling to let go?


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