Dressed to impress a toddler or two.

30 May

The second postpartum summer is here, and it seems I have not really lost any more weight and my wardrobe has shrunk. Hm. I took a good long look and got rid of tons of stuff. Clothes that didn’t fit, or I didn’t like, and stuff that I just felt wasn’t appropriate anymore. Yes. I’m a mom now, and though I didn’t know it would happen, I did get a bit older too. So… the skimpy sundresses went bu-bye…. things too form fitting (other than yoga-wear) also saw the donation bin. It’s not that I think it’s wrong to wear these things, but, they are also just not practical. Sure, that top may be good for nursing, but it also makes it that much easier for the toddler to just pull out my boob in public (which is fine for eating, but my boys don’t always do it so discreetly so I’ve been favoring the flowy tops that act like nursing covers. 

That said… I purged my wardrobe and realized I have all of 2 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, and 3 skirts (and of course the obligatory nursing tanks which are not apropo all on their own- can we say boobage? :P) Buying tops has been nearly impossible so I must make them. Amanda, the Soule Mama, recently did a post for the Esme top.  I love her style, and the top looks adorable, comfy and easy to wear so I finally went ahead and bought the pattern. I have love the blog Sew Liberated for some time, I own her book Growing up Sew Liberated (and LOVE LOVE LOVE it….) so I have little doubt I’m going to love this pattern. It’s old school- it’s a paper pattern I’m getting in the mail, so I’m having to practice patience. In the mean time… I need to find some more patterns. I’m thinking a peasant top, and making some short bloomers for around the house from the colette pattern (Mini Bloomers, free download!) 

All in all, I want to be cute. I want to be comfortable. The days of trying too hard to impress are gone. Don’t get my wrong. I still want to look nice for my husband (But… I have sassy nighties for that, right? ;)) Now, the most important thing is being comfy and ready to play with the twin tornadoes. So easy to wear, easy to wash and clothes that I’m not going to “fall out” of…. that’s the must. 


Any other ideas for a simple, cute, comfy wardrobe? 


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