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An Apron A Day Keeps the Dust Bunnies At Bay.

24 Feb

In my last post I said how I needed an apron for every day of the week. This got me thinking… why not MAKE an apron every day? So yesterday I busted out some left over fabrics, looked at my great grandmother’s apron (my favorite of the bunch) and decided to make something similar, and this is what I came up with….

The print is left over from a sale at Joann’s- for whatever reason I bought 5 yards, and so far I have made a skirt, camisole, shorts and panties and am now adding an apron. There are only a few small pieces left now, which I think will become potholders. One can ALWAYS use more potholders… The “purple” is linen I purchased from last year for my Easter dress… That really didn’t turn out so well, but this was a left over piece (the dress itself is still waiting to be taken apart….)

The construction was pretty simple, although I did make it a little more complex that gramma’s. Her’s was only one fabric and three pieces plus ties. I also made mine criss cross in back while hers was attached across the upper back and went straight down. Anyway, the front main piece is just a tall trapezoid, the sides are just about rectangles with a little bit of an angle, and the ties are all three inch wide pieces cut long enough to play with. I was a bit lazy and used the serger on all the inside seams, but finished the linen ties nicely (since they will be more obvious…) I think I would like to add pockets, probably in the pretty purple linen… I always need pockets….

Today’s apron was inspired by this one:

And my desire for warm weather so I can hang out the laundry!

That little pocket on the side is specifically designed to hold my phone (the casio “brigade”… thank God and Casio for waterproof and shock resistant phones…) Since I’m supposed to have it nearby all the time… “What use is having a cell phone if you forget to have it with you?” I hear… The pocket(s) on the front of this thing are just so huge I didn’t want to risk loosing my phone in there! But after last years apron getting mangled by me stuffing huge amounts of clothespins in the pockets… this seems justified. Both the front and back pieces are double layers of quilting cotton to make it a bit more sturdy, and the waist tie is some grosgrain ribbon that I found in my gramma’s shed (along with the favorite apron, boxes of fabric and tons of lace… oh, and cast iron cookware. :))

Last but not least in my sewing adventures… I’m working on headscarves/ coverings for sort of every day and church (if I find one I like). Functional and pretty I think these are an essential part of any goodwife’s “trunk.”

(please don’t mind how terrible I look in the photos.. it was 6AM!)

Historically, women wore caps and other headcoverings for religious observance and also for practical reasons- to keep there hair clean and keep bugs out! This one is for that purpose, more or less. I can wear my hair down (saving it from the turmoil of being wrapped in a bun) and it keeps my hair clean of dust for the most part while I’m cleaning the house (very helpful when dusting the corners and ceiling fans!) It will also save my hair from the sun when summer time comes around and I’m working out of doors.

Construction on this was SUPER simple. I measured around my head and took off an inch so that I could tie it tight. Then, I measured how long I wanted it to be- this one measures about 15 inches, it does not cover ALL my hair, but a good portion of it. I cut a rectangle to these measurements (about 20 by 15 inches) serged around the edge, added some lace to the long edge and pressed. Then I pleated the short edges and sewed ribbons to pleated ends. It stays put pretty well on it’s own, but it didn’t move at all when I used two hair clips at my temples. Pretty and practical! Oh. And it matches the first apron. 🙂

That’s all for now! More aprons to come, 2 down, 5 to go!
**If you would like full tutorials on these or any upcoming aprons, please let me know and I will do my best to make one up!
Happy sewing!