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corn and wool

20 Jul


Yarn from the beginning- Post #1.

13 Jul

Though I didn’t raise the sheep, I’m starting pretty much at the very beginning.

Long story short:
My friend went to a winery with her husband, the owners raise sheep “just because” and just GIVE AWAY the fleece. She mentioned she likes to knit and poof! They hand her a bag of raw wool, she accepted it gratefully, telling me later her first thought was “oh, Ashley will be able to figure this out.” Of course. I mean, I am the google queen…


When I say raw wool, I mean it. It was literally, shaved off the sheep and stuffed in a bag. It smelled. There was poop. There was (is) dirt and debris. I’m on my third soaking and the water is still muddy. I’ve followed the basics that I found online, I’ve been soaking, then rinsing, soaking and rinsing aggitating it a bit here and there. I finally pulled off a smaller more manageable piece to get it clean, and that piece cleaned up rather quickly, so I have hopes for the rest of it. It was a large bag. 🙂

Tomorrow… I pick up the cards so after the mess is clean and dry I can start carding and spinning. I’m reasonably comfortable with my top whorl drop spindle, and hubby seems to think we can rig up a kick spindle which makes me super happy, probably working off THESE instructions. It’s a lot of work, but so far, even though it’s still messy… I find it very gratifying. I’m very excited to have this project, and will be very excited to knit with yarn I’ve created from such a raw state!

Bag of fleece- see all the debris and dirt?

First soaking… ew, the water is just gross at this point!

Drying a bit of “clean” fleece… The lanolin content is AMAZING. Still full of debris, but much cleaner…