Sunday Thanks

17 Mar

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.
-Psalm 135:1

Every Sunday lets give a little extra thanks to God for our gifts.


I’m so thankful for dedicated animal rescue workers! All of our pets have been rescued/ adopted. They may be quirky, but they have all been loves. 



Today, this (big) boy should be coming home to live with us. He was saved by an amazing woman from being put to death in South Carolina. Currently, she is fostering something like 17 cats, and 9 dogs. If you can find it in your heart to adopt or foster an animal yourself, please consider doing so! We are coming upon “kitten season” so there will be a flood of new cats needing loving homes as well. 

If you can’t foster or adopt, please consider donating to your local shelter, rescue organization or individuals who take it upon themselves to turn their lives and homes upside down to give shelter to these animals. 🙂 

If you would like to see some of Lokie’s friends who are waiting for furever homes, leave a comment and I will get you in touch with someone. 


Work with children is the work of children

14 Mar

I talk a lot about play here. We know play is important to children, but so is work. Children learn through imitation which makes it vitally important that children see us (parents) WORKING, and then we allow them to both play at grown up work and be involved in our work.

Work means many things, especially in the home environment. Here, most of my work involved cooking, cleaning, mending, etc. Recently my boys are  showing lots of interest in these things. They have a play kitchen in which they spend lots of time “cooking” (banging around pots and pans) and “cleaning out the fridge” (emptying everything out and putting it back in. They also started stealing my cleaning supplies. The broom, dustpan and swiffer are favorites, so I decided they needed their own tools to help. Even at 13 months (tomorrow!) there is still plenty they can do and pretend to do. Since A’s favorite tool was the swiffer I was inspired to get them their own. I asked friends and posted to craigslist hoping to score one or two cheap to no avail. Then, one fateful day I went to the dollar store for random junk (cleaning supplies and Easter stuff) and there they were. Swiffer knock offs. Not nearly as “nice” as the real thing but given that they are going to be used by toddlers, I was not worried about their cleaning efficacy. Hubby will be cutting them down to size. I also got them each a pail, floor brush, small spray bottles (which I filled with water for “cleaning solution”) microfiber dusters and dust pans. SCORE! So far the dusters and swiffers are the favored items. The boys help me clean their table and sweep the floor. It’s really cute and a great learning experience for them. I really need to snap some photos of this cuteness to share with you.

In the mean time… Today we had other work to do. Our home is ALL wood/ tile/ laminate flooring. So we need rugs. I started this rag rug some time ago (and may have posted about it…) but it got pushed aside. I’m trying to clean out my stash and WIPs, and we need rugs. So out this bad boy came and the boys decided to help me work on it. They had fun playing with the strips and picking which color went next. “Hobbies” and “crafts” like this should not be ignored as work. It’s still work. Making necessary items for the home instead of running out to buy them is rewarding for both you and your child and should not be dismissed. This sort of work is also a great time for other teaching moments. Colors, counting and simply learning to be still for awhile while you work. (Sewing and knitting are great ones too that my boys are certainly not ready for!)




It comes down to this. Letting children help you work is important, even if it’s inconvenient and you end up having to wash the floor again or untangle several yards of cloth strips. The investment in teaching them and letting them learn by doing and being involved will pay off ten fold and more.


Messy Monday Part Two. The Mud Room Quick Clean.

11 Mar

There is still the work of spackling, painting and probably adding some more hooks and shelves, but this is the change that morning can bring. Aren’t my floors lovely??? Hubby did them for me for Christmas. I’m so spoiled.

PS. What’s a good cleaner for slate tile?


View from the kitchen, hats, gloves, mittens, little boy shoes and other misc. stuff neatly put in baskets in the book shelf. 


“My” boot mat under the bench, slippers in the basket to the left


This is just cool. It’s the boys’ sled, and it’s engraved with their names and the year. 🙂


So that’s that. Any guess on how long it will stay this way? A day? Probably.

Messy Mondays and the 14 Week Challenge Continues!

11 Mar

OK. The rest of the group is on week 10 of the challenge, which is the mudroom. The most ignored room of my house! If you thought my living room was bad… the mud room is a million times worse. *sigh* So without further ado… here it is:




There are no after pictures yet since I haven’t started. I don’t actually know where to start. Any ideas? I have about a $20 budget! lol

Sunday thanks

11 Mar

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.
-Psalm 135:1

Every Sunday lets give a little extra thanks to God for our gifts.


(Little late publishing this post. I got myself all confused yesterday and “forgot” but don’t think I forgot to give Him thanks.)


I’m thankful that my family is home, together and more or less healthy. I realized I’m not ready to publicly share the details of the past few weeks, but I’ll tell you we spend a week in the hospital with Ahren, 2 days with Robert and had a total of 3 ambulance rides between them. It was terrifying. Soon, I’ll share all the details, but for now I am just so grateful that we are all home together and grateful for our loving family and friends who came to our rescue when we needed an extra hand or 4. 


14 week organizing challenge.

10 Mar

I spotted this 14 week challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons (gosh, I love her… I do. From afar. She has no idea… lol) Anyway. I spotted this and missed the first go around but was added to the fabulous facebook group. Long story short, I’m easily confused and have no idea what “week” we are in. Someone said living room, so I went with that. My living room isn’t terrible. You guys have seen it before in one of my messy Monday posts (it’s changed a bit) but things can always be more organized right? I took the opportunity to simplify a bit, reduce the amount of toys the boys have in that room and just tidy. It’s not perfect. It’s not even finished in the decorating department (I wonder when THAT will happen… never? *sigh*) Yet here it is. Before. After. And after the boys. 😉



Piles of diapers and STUFF in a corner….

I can’t believe I am showing you this….

Toy/ play corner for the boys.


After…. *heavenly choir*


…After After.


You see how the quilt is all askew? That is not from anyone cuddling up on the sofa. That is from a little booger climbing on the back of the sofa to get at the picture. Yup.


Could be worse, right?

Cookies for breakfast

7 Feb

These are “healthy” cookies. My twins like to feed themselves so I’ve been trying to come up with easy nourishing foods for them to experiment with.


2 cups quick or old fashioned oats

1/2 cup whole wheat or gluten free flour

2 Tbs Nutritional Yeast (optional- I wanted a protein bump)

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

2 ripe bananas mashed

1/2 cup applesauce

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla (optional)

1 tsp cinnamon (optional)

Drizzle of honey- probably 2 tablespoons

Preheat oven to 350 and grease 2 cookie sheets.

Combine dry ingredients except oats, set aside. Combine wet ingredients, add dry to wet, mix and add oats. The batter will be pretty wet.

Drop spoonfuls of batter onto prepared cookie sheets and bake for 14 minutes or so. Do not over bake. The cookies will be moist, spongy and vaguely cake like.

cranberries, raisins, coconut, nuts, all those would be good additions! In my opinion, they needed more “sweet” but since they are for my toddlers I’ll leave it as is. I’m sure this could be tweaked to be better, but for my first attempt they were pretty awesome!